1. DaveTDL

    Unique Wellness Review

    There is a lot of hype about the Unique Wellness Brief. They are advertised as “NASA Diapers” or “Based on NASA Technology”. So one day I checked out their website, created an account, and checked to see what the total cost would be with shipping. Several days later I received a sample of the...
  2. Kid

    "Curiosity" about the future.

    Live Feed - 15 Minutes to Touchdown Please refer to this link: OLD Information: Mars Curiosity More Information: Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Home
  3. CiviChriSi

    Shuttle launch at 1:36am

    For those interested, there is a shuttle launch at 1:36am EST. There is a possibility it will not launch due to weather, but they say it looks like it will launch :D :D :D If anyone is up and can watch it go to: NASA - NASA TV NASA TV has better coverage. No anchors talking, and they stay...