1. feetintrouble

    Little bedtime: is your bedroom door open, closed, or locked?

    What happens with your bedroom door at night, or for afternoon nap? Is it what you the little want, or what your big wants? Once I'm tucked up in my little bed, for afternoon nap or for the night, my bedroom door is closed, and firmly locked, so I can't wander out. I easily succumb to...
  2. paciboy

    Lucid dreaming

    Hey, so earlier today i took a nap after my morning classes, and i had a lucid dream. For those who dont know, a lucid dream is where u realize u are dreaming and you can sometimes control and change the things around you. Lately ive been having them more frequently, and ive noticed they tend...
  3. Altric

    Napping at Work?

    Why Power Naps at Work Are Catching On - US News and World Report The article goes on to further say that some companies are even setting up designated "nap rooms," tents or lofted beds for their employees to catch a quick snooze. It also mentions that some companies are already using this to...
  4. C

    A question for the bedwetters or sleep wearers

    I was wondering if anyone who wore diapers for bedwetting would ever wake up and need to pee and would just let it rip right there in the diaper just because it felt good, was convenient, or whatever? I can remember doing this when I was about 4 or 5 years old and am thinking this might have...