nappy lover

  1. michaelmc

    physical age 85 mental age16 official age 51 UK Nappy lover

    I medicly incontinent and loving it,is that weird?i am also exploring my feminim side???I have tried many different incontinence products and am using net pants and pads the net pants are expensive and cheap quality but I have found pants that at £2 a pair ( great and look good...
  2. B

    Hello to Perth & Western Australia ABDLs

    My name is Blair. I am 37 years old and live in Busselton, Western Australia. I have a sexual fetish for disposable nappies and denim overalls. I have a loving, supportive wife that knows all about me and let's me openly express myself. I want some ABDL friends
  3. D

    Happy to be back in my nappies

    Hi all I took a break for a few weeks from wearing nappies. Even at night and I soooo love wearing at night. I think I just didn't feel the need for my nappies. But now I'm back and sooo happy. I even made myself a onsie. When I went to the chemist to get a new supply of nappies I found that...