nappies attitude

  1. michaelmc

    Diaper Design

    If you could design a diaper pattern what would it be? I would have cartoon animals with multi color ballon patterned body What type of Diaper would you choose? Id choose tapped with a high waist! If your artistic and can scan and upload your design all the better :thumbsup:
  2. LilStains

    teach this baby boy a few lessons

    im 33&have been a nappy wearing baby since 13. ive always done it alone. this is my coming out day after all these years of me sorta thinking i was just a weird boy. why does being a baby do more to me than any other things i do. [Removed]
  3. I

    a vid: some random guy treating adult diaps not like some sick perverted thing!

    Soo after a night of 'drinkin 'n thinkin' i decided to do some random *B/DL mashing of keywords into Google vids and see what i got and stumbled upon this: so, some weirdo sent me adult diapers - wtf? not only did they send diapers, but they sent them in size XL. I thought it'd try them anyway...