1. D

    MyDiaper vs Rearz

    I have tried mydiapers but I never have tried rearz InControl. From product pics they both look pretty much the same, but the price tag is very different at least on save express. So how are rearz compared to mydiaper?
  2. tomviper000

    MyDiaper difference?

    Just a quick verification from anybody who has tried the MyDiaper brand. All the different designs are the same except the color/artwork, correct?
  3. TyphaHare

    Comficare replacement! (MyDiaper)

    Okay, so Comficare is no more, and Crinklz has turned into the new Betterdry version, too.. This is a bit of a pickle for me because I reeeeeally loved those diapers >_<! Comficare was my hands-down favourite! Also, Crinklz don't really even crinkle anymore :( Then my second fave, Tena Slip...
  4. TyphaHare

    New Mydiaper for Nighttime

    I was randomly window-shopping and noticed a new type of cute AB diapers!! Have I just not heard from them before? They were in the new section of the website...