my introduction

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    My Introduction, Or I'll Get This Right Sooner Or Later,,,!

    1) Hello!, Who are you? I Go By My Nickname Dumbaby2, For As Long As I Can Remember I Have Been A Baby, I Was Born That Way...! My Mother Told Me That I Would Always Be A SissyBaby. Well She Was Right About That Anyway...! 2) What brings you here? (interest in diapers/regression) Sissy...
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    hello, i'm new

    1) Hello! Who are you? I'd like to think of myself as the funny friend, (every group seems to have one) but i don't think that that's an asessment i'm alowed to make. what i'm up to? umm, i'm currently serving in the Army, although the end of this chapter of my life can't seem to come soon...
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    Hi, I'm dldavey83. How is everybody?

    Hi, everyone! My name is Dave and I'm a 27 year old abdl who wants a lot of friends on here. I've never met anyone else who loves diapers, so I feel right at home here. My last girlfriend tried to get her head around me wearing diapers and she tried wearing diapers to, but after she did a few...