1. TheComposer

    Greetings Everyone! :-)

    Hi everyone! I am 'TheComposer' (you can call me Composer for short ;)), and I'd like to say, there's quite a few things about my ABDL story that I hope will be worth reading... I've been into ABDL as early as I can remember... my Mother actually ran a daycare center which she opened just TWO...
  2. P

    Diaper Solo

    So I'm a composer and musician here in Los Angeles. Recently, I had to perform a solo piece I had composed at a rather nice venue for a crowd of at least a few thousand. The catch: I was diapered. I'm used to wearing diapers in public sure, I mostly wear for bedwetting, but I wear a lot of times...
  3. CalebFox

    Favorite Bands/groups?

    Well I am a huge music appreciator... I love the punk rock genre, and every type of metal, and I really enjoy some good goth music. Not that much into pop, and can only listen to one country song... Other than that I love every other genre! Here are my top 5 favorite bands ranking in order 1...
  4. Indianajones

    Re-Introduction to a Goon

    (Re) Greetings human beings! Name: Indianajones Species: Human Being/a guy Occupation: Secretly likes nappies, but would listen to music until I die Favorite Nappy: One that fits, and is comfy. Pampers 6s do fit a 30", but it's intensely uncomfortable for me for some reason. Would get Cuddlz...
  5. Indianajones

    Introduction to a goon

    Name: Indianajones Species: Human being/a guy Occupation: Secretly likes nappies, but wants to listen to music till the day I die Favorite nappy: Not sure, since I'm trapped in a castle called "my home", and I'm scared that I'll get the chance to get any. However, I do like Pampers, but they...
  6. PetPuppyAlex

    Any fellow musicians?

    Well, I've been rapping for quite a while, and I believe myself to be quite decent. As do my 200 or so fans :P But I was just wondering if there were any musicians of any genre on here near my age preferably, you know, just people I can identify with. idk, bear with me. I'm bored. and i haven't...