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  1. Hotcocoman07

    Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot chocolate!

    OH I'VE GOT IT! Yeah so I really like hot coco(and The Polar Express) Hi I'm Hotcocoman07 I'm a gay male and an ABDL with a genetic bedwetting problem(probably what got me into this group). I'm a little nervous when it comes to meeting ABDL+ people, but I joined this site to meet others like me...
  2. C

    Konichiwa from a cure little tigeress

    Hello everyone I am Kiara. I hope you are all okay .I only joined last night when i saw the site had so much varied stuff on all diaper fetishes fandoms and sub cultures. I myself am a dl . But also a little fur and would like to triy being an lg but don't have the confidence. Id love to...
  3. Indianajones

    Re-Introduction to a Goon

    (Re) Greetings human beings! Name: Indianajones Species: Human Being/a guy Occupation: Secretly likes nappies, but would listen to music until I die Favorite Nappy: One that fits, and is comfy. Pampers 6s do fit a 30", but it's intensely uncomfortable for me for some reason. Would get Cuddlz...
  4. D

    Hi, I'm dldavey83. How is everybody?

    Hi, everyone! My name is Dave and I'm a 27 year old abdl who wants a lot of friends on here. I've never met anyone else who loves diapers, so I feel right at home here. My last girlfriend tried to get her head around me wearing diapers and she tried wearing diapers to, but after she did a few...