1. MaybeBroken

    To those who have seen professional mommies

    If you have gone to see a professional mommy at least two times, I’m wondering how you find it affects you both immediately following the session and then overtime. Do you find that it intensifies your longings to be little or appeases the need and frees you up to focus on other things? Or no...
  2. babadada

    section for mummies/daddies/carers

    I really wish there was a section specifically for Mummies, daddies, and carers. I am a bit useless with tech and computers, but I’ve always found a bit difficult to find other carers on this site. Also, it is be good for Littles to be able to find us a bit easier, which having a separate...
  3. JFNUFC1994

    Tips on finding a care giver

    I am trying to find myself a care giver, preferably a mummy, but only seem to find ones that want to charge me for it, does anyone know any good places or websites that I can post on to find a genuine mummy please?
  4. NappyCouple1980

    My wonderful Wife

    I just wanted to share how wonderful my Wife is with my ABDL side. I’m away a lot, so we spend small amounts of time together but tonight (and a good number of nights) she allowed me to walk around in just my nappy, a T-shirt and my dummy. She wore a bra for breast feeding mothers and dry fed...
  5. MissMummyUK

    Miss Mummy

    I am [removed] ~KitsuneFox a proud and happy mum and a carer for some other littles who visit me. I am an educated person, with a background in wellbeing and emotional support. I live in Hampshire and love singing and telling stories.
  6. LilPierre

    ABDL Daddy/Mummy

    Hi all! Does anyone on here have a ABDL daddy or mummy? I have now had a daddy for almost a year now, I came across him via telegram and we just started talking and he said he was local too and he also mentioned he already had a little too so it ended up with me saying I would be happy to have...
  7. BlankieLover

    Very Interesting and Intimate Interview with an ABDL Mummy

    Hi everyone, Thought I'd share with you all a link to a just-published interview with a professional ABDL Mummy. It's a thoughtful, intelligent, positive and balanced article written with genuine intrigue into the ABDL community. It's one of few articles not out to denigrate or exploit the ABDL...
  8. M

    Hello :) I AM NEW

    Hello there, I am a Mistress but here to learn about AB from you lovely ppl so maybe id like to offer this service to clients :) Would love to hear from you all, your ideas, thoughts, what you like and dislike about AB, how and where I may start as a Mummy/Carer, what do I need ( basics) to...