1. BlankieLover

    Very Interesting and Intimate Interview with an ABDL Mummy

    Hi everyone, Thought I'd share with you all a link to a just-published interview with a professional ABDL Mummy. It's a thoughtful, intelligent, positive and balanced article written with genuine intrigue into the ABDL community. It's one of few articles not out to denigrate or exploit the ABDL...
  2. M

    Hello :) I AM NEW

    Hello there, I am a Mistress but here to learn about AB from you lovely ppl so maybe id like to offer this service to clients :) Would love to hear from you all, your ideas, thoughts, what you like and dislike about AB, how and where I may start as a Mummy/Carer, what do I need ( basics) to...
  3. allybearloves

    New person from new zealand

    Hi there, My name is Ally, I am 20 turning 21 in 3 weeks time. I have a 20 month old son (not an AB/DL baby). I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with a few things I have wondering around my mind lately about AB/DL. I suck my thumb at night to have a good night sleep, it's been like this...
  4. B

    About Me

    Hello i am Daniel i Am A Adult Baby I Love To Play With My Lego And Go On Trips To The Park. I Live With My Mummy (Girlfriend). I Am Here To Meet New Friends.
  5. B

    Hello from NZ

    Hey I'm a 17 year old baby boy from NZ I'm into to everything baby :)
  6. Littleabgirl

    Baby night - what shall we do?

    Well, Daddy has said that he'd be interessted in baby-ing me again and he's bought me some AB things for christmas, so I was wondering, what shall we do on baby night? Usually it will be lots of snuggles, nappy checks, occasionally a bottle, always my dummy and more snuggles (Love snuggling...
  7. LittleDan

    First time meeting a daddy/mummy/big bro

    Well, this Friday I shall be making my first ever journey(4.5hrs) to meet my daddy (and another AB), since I really discovered my AB side back in February. So, I shall be spending 2 nights/3 days as a baby being cared for by someone else. Now at the moment I've got a mixture of extreme...