1. A

    Hi, Can you help me please?

    Hi, I'm a 20 years old lesbian woman and to be quite honest I didn't know about AB stuff until months ago. NOTE: I'm gonna use 'ne' to avoid gender specific pronouns. Last year I met a person online on a dating website and ne was very nice to me, we get along great, we skyped and stuff, at...
  2. B

    Hiya my name is Bianca and I am an Aspie Baby girl that just happens to be Transgender!

    So Yeah I am a ABDL Diaper Lover/Babyfur. and I am sitting here sucking on my paci and sad I am out of Diapers and wishing someone would give me a job LOL.....
  3. Erri


    Hi i am Erri i am an 18 year old mtf interested in diapers and the mommy girl dynamic.
  4. PunkBoiSeth

    I commonly see MTF AB/DLs, but how about FTMs?

    Hello everyone. This is a subject that I've pondered over for a while now. In all the different AB/DL forums I've visited, I see a myriad of males who enjoy playing as females during a state of regression. Something I haven't seen much of are folks like me; females that enjoy regression as a...