1. BabyDemon

    Ski/Snowboarding Movies

    I was just curious if anyone had heard any hype on the the 2009-2010 Ski/Snowboard Movies. I'm for sure going to pick up Absinthe Films: Neverland, but I'm kind of a sucker for the videos. Optimistic? made me want to snowboard more then anything I've ever seen. I'll go see this years Warren...
  2. Charlie

    Movies with subtitles

    Okay to start with, we have a poll! By "films with less emphasis on dialogue" I am talking about things like martial art films or something similar. Films where you could happily watch them without subtitles; it's not very important to the film (in your opinion). The poll is just an...
  3. InconJenOnWheels

    Top Ten Favorite Movies?

    OK. The top bands/songs thread got me thinking. What is everyone's top ten favorite movies? Mine(No particular order): 1. Under Seige 2. The Italian Job 3. Blood Work 4. Die Hard 5. The Bourne Identity 6. Air Force One 7. Ocean's Eleven 8. Rambo 9. National Treasure 10. Sahara