1. sidewinder400

    Any MST3K/Rifftrax Fans Out There?

    In the not to distant future I will be streaming another horrible movie on YouTube and laughing hysterically at Mike, Tom Servo, Crow, and Gypsy. This has been a great way to help sleep at night. What's your favorite episode? For me, it's a tough one, but lately been in love with The Pumaman...
  2. Twee

    The new conjuring movie!

    Did anyone hear of any prerelease reviews of the new conjuring movie “the devil made me do it” opening tonite? I liked the first two, I’m just wondering if anyone heard anything about the movie and what your take is.
  3. S

    Spirituality vs non-spirituality/Thought-provoking movies

    I recently saw "Beatriz At Dinner". As a Massage Therapist myself this movie left me with a haunting feeling of loss. Part of me wants to believe I'm a healer but I've been feeling so burnt out lately. The other part of me wants to indulge in the wealth of the world but climbing the corporate...
  4. xionghaizi

    any suggestions on pg13 abdl movies or videos?

    i just like to stay safe since i don't know if the people are over 18 i found diapered hypnotic adventure,i thought it was a regular movie,im disappointed,i came across it when looking for abdl hypnosis audio files. also any suggestions on abdl hypnosis,i already got babypants,ember,few of...
  5. L

    Movie Recommendations

    if you haven't watched Disney's Hercules lately (or at all), you ought to give it a watch. it's jam-packed with adult jokes (a literal Greek Chorus, loads of clever references to old movies and talk shows, risque stuff, etc.,) i saw it a few nights ago on Amazon and i'd forgotten how brilliant...
  6. ruebenjay

    your fave movies?

    seriously though, whats your fave movie? cause... i recently saw this great comedy film called twil... *realizes twilight was meant to be serious* oh f%#$!
  7. K

    Looking for movies about AB/DL

    A few months ago I told my Boyfriend / Dom that I was very much interested in the AB/DL lifestyle and I began exploring diapers, sippy cups, and pacifiers. Unfortunately I have had a hard time trying to explain the different aspects of it. He isn't big on reading, I was hoping someone knew of a...
  8. R

    Movies, Favorites or Genre

    I am movie buff, go to at least 1 a week. Now that I am older, not necessarily. wiser, I really like the independent films, blocbuzters are ok sometimes. I saw Whiplash last week went home and preordered it at amazon, a poweeful movie. I love musicals, spagetti westerns, Bond. and WW2 films...
  9. C

    Emma Watson in a movie called "Regression"? :D

    Emma Watson & Ethan Hawke Find Alejandro Amenábar's 'Regression' | Apparently Emma Watson is taking the lead in some film called "Regression". Am I the only one who's heart jumped into my throat? :P I doubt it'll actually be ABDL related at all, but you never know...
  10. G

    Wearing diapers to the movies?/How to hide the bulk?

    Hi all, So when I go to the movies by myself or with my girlfriend, I always wear diapers so I don't have to leave during the movies. the thing is I always wear my belissimo's with a stuffer and usually some plastic pants to significantly reduce the chances of leaking. I wanted to know if you...
  11. prettybaby

    Dream Caretaker from a movie or tv?

    Hello everyone! I thought this would be a really fun idea for a thread: Have you ever seen a care taker type figure in a movie, or tv, that you would love to have? Or maybe even just a dynamic between two characters that you would love to have with a caretaker, mommy, daddy, or ab/dl nanny...
  12. D

    Advise on wearing to the movies

    I need some advice. I have always wanted to try wearing a diaper o go see a movie and using it while there if need be. However i don't go to movie often and since I'm going next week i was going to try it. But a relative is going with a i don't want him to know. Any ideas? Is it to risky...
  13. D

    Diapered at the movies....share your experience

    So this is for all of you who have decided to go and do it, and diaper yourself up and go to the movies. Not so much looking to hear about anyone who went in dress up mode, to show your sissy or ab side. Just wanting to go diapered. Im starting this, so I'll go first. It was last summer...
  14. Piplup

    Bambino in public

    So yesterday I guess I was feeling gutsy because I made the decision to wear one of my Teddy Bambinos out in public. But I can safely say I have no regrets! Being a girl, I wear tight jeans. Fortunately the diaper fit in them, and because of how tight they were, there was no crinkling to be...
  15. A

    Video games that would make great movies?

    Okay, not sure if this has been posted before so apologies if so. Basically I have never seen a movie that has been made from a Video Game franchise, so generally I can't say if they tend to work or not. However I can't help thinking how great the Mass Effect series would be in movies, if done...
  16. bbabysitter26

    Diapers and the Cinema

    So I previously posted about activities in diapers and I noticed a few people who liked to go to the movies in diapers. (You can see that post Here ) I thought that this was a great idea as I'm almost always painfully holding my bladder so that I won't miss a beat. It's pretty public wearing...
  17. PichuCubJacob

    A movie remake project

    I'm wanting to do a shot-for-shot remake of The Beatles film "Help!" (NO FLAMES PLEASE!) I really don't know if it'll ever get done or not, but I'm going to try and do it. I'm going to be Ringo Starr (The Drummer.) in it. So that's all I have to say for now!
  18. squashNstretch

    I know there are lots of artists out there, but are there any animators?

    I was just wondering if there were any other animators/3d/VFX people in here! I used to work with a guy that, in retrospect, MUST have been a babyfur. Where are you all hiding?
  19. Coyote_Howl

    Your Most Watched Movie

    Didn't see anything about this already, if there is a thread sorry :dunno: Anyways, was thinking about what movies I have watched the most often (random boredom) and decided to make it into a topic, because, well why not? So what movie(s) have you watched the most times? For me, Right now it...
  20. L

    Game and Movie Soundtracks...

    Is anyone else into game or movie soundtracks? I kinda feel alone with this because whenever I put some on my ipod my friends are like "Dude, WTF is that?" but I am sure someone else has got to like this stuff. Come and state it here! I just love the stuff, sometimes its really epic and get you...