1. E

    motorcycle riders who wear diapers

    i am a motorcycle rider who wear diapers i wear 24/7 and would love to talk to others with the same interests i know this is not the first time this topic has been brought up but the other posts are closed ,, i all so have an fb group called motorcycle riders who wear diapers
  2. Jdp

    Diapers on a motorcycle

    I've had motorcycles on and off and rode for several years now, but, for whatever reason, I've not worn while riding. Has anyone here rode in diapers either as a passenger or a driver? It would certainly cut down on stops, and maybe the iron butt ride wouldn't seem so hard if padded.
  3. foxkits

    What is your favorite motorcycle or the one you own.

    What is the motorcycle you ride or own . What type of motorcycle you dream of getting some day. Mine is a new V max 1700 cc A Norton classic love to have a jet bike wow.