1. W

    My mom and her diapers (REAL)

    My mother wore diapers, practically her entire life. I remember when I was little, she used to walk around the house with her diaper on just for pleasure, not for any particular inconvenience. My dad never had a problem. He always changed her diapers. The trouble started when she broke up with...
  2. T

    Mother problems.

    I am just above 18 years old and are living with my parents. I have since I was around 14 been wanting to wear diapers and suck on a pacifier again, But when I finally got to admit it to my mom ( that wasn't until I was 16 ) she said no. She then said that it was very weird and gross. I said...
  3. LilBiker

    coming out to my Mother

  4. SuperSecretFoxy

    Should I?

    Hi I'm new on the forum, I came here form meeting people and stuff, but I thought now I am here, I could also ask some questions, no? So I have been planning to do a coming-out about my Diaperfur habits and stuff. Because I can't take it that I am lying to my mom. (The rest of the family I...