1. QUACK

    How to make $$$$$$$$$

    How do I make or get money to sustain my diaper fetish??????????
  2. W

    When would everyone wear diapers? / Reasonable price for 24/7 wearing.

    I recently saw on the wikipedia page for adult diapers that there are people who claim that wearing diapers full time is better for your health, and that it would be advancing society. However, right now it would be very difficult for everyone to wear full time. Diapers are pretty expensive. $20...
  3. BluefireJay05

    I can't believe i bought some play-doh plus a question

    just like the title says...... I bought some play-doh. the other day in wal-mart I looked and looked and could not find the right kind of toys then I see some play-doh and I picked up and purchased it. I have not had any fun with it yet I need to find a table with a smooth enough surface and...
  4. KittyninjaW

    I wonder why ABDL/Little supplies are so expencive?

    Hello, This is my first thread in a while and due to that I have a question that I am wondering about. I am wondering why abdl stuff is so expensive, like 40 or 50 bucks plus shipping, sometimes more when I don't think it costs that much to produce, At least I don't think. So why do you think it...
  5. E

    When Tight On Money

    As someone who has no experience with being IC, I wouldn't even say that I know a lot about wearing in general, I could be saying some things that could make me come across as someone intrusive with a brain constantly doing backflips. This is pure curiosity though. Something I thought of a few...
  6. T

    Would I be allowed to post my Indiegogo campaign here?

    I want to film a series for YouTube based on Assassins Creed, and I can't think of any place to turn to where the people are more supportive than here.
  7. WearingClouds

    I have a spending problem, diaper addiction

    I've heard a lot of talk about ABU shutting down so I impulse bought a case (80) of Super Dry Kids just in case! They are by far one of my favorite play diapers and I would be so sad to see ABU close without me getting a decent stock first. I'll try to get another case in a month if they are...
  8. FievelandTonyAB93

    I'm afraid I cannot spend my birthday in diapers or even babyish clothing.

    My birthday is coming up this Saturday and I'm already finishing off my first semester in college. So that means I cannot rely on getting more diapers and/or even buy babyish clothing like a pair of footed pajamas or a pacifier until sometime after my birthday. I just don't have enough time for...
  9. S

    Diapers on a Budget

    I've noticed that diapers are expensive! Especially the Abenas, Molicares, and Bambinos etc. Does anyone know of a good diaper that won't break the bank?
  10. Entity

    Why is this legal?

    Of all the questions I could ask a US presidential candidate, this one sticks out as just the right amount of awkwardness for them to lose a lot of face: If defacing US currency is illegal, why do we have penny-mashing machines? Since I will never get to ask this on national TV, could someone...
  11. S

    diaper choosing

    in four hours i will buy a new diapers i have had bambinos molicare secure tena abinas i havent tried allot though i dont know where to get those ones with the 3m thing on um or the ones with snowflakes (eurobrief?) and there are some with just one set of tapes i saw that looked awsome but i...
  12. PetPuppyAlex

    Saving money for diapers?

    Well, I have a problem. I have an allowance of 20 dollars a week, but during the week I always seem to spend it on things I deem "important". Such as clothes, weed, and video games. Then I get mad at myself because I wanted to save it for diapers. Is there any effective way to make sure I don't...
  13. PetPuppyAlex

    Buy some Bambinos now or later?

    Okay, so I've been saving my money for diapers. Duh. And I have enough for two cases of Bambinos [64 diapers each] and maybe for some more baby things...However, I'm only about 2 weeks away from having enough to get three cases. Which is 192 diapers in all. I tried asking what Jesus would do but...
  14. starshine

    Social Class?

    Just wondering if this had anything to do with abdlism. The social class we are all in. At first I was just thinking how much money, but that wouldn't really make much sense. I mean - A mother and son who makes 60,000 USD a year would be much better off than a family of 10 who makes 100,000...
  15. betagame

    if you were set for life...what would you do?<money><b/dl related somehow><there is no catch>

    if you had an unlimited supply of money to spend on yourself and others, what would you do. i would have a team make me dope rap samples, i would have people tailor fur-suits [just to try] with the finest materials, i would have cool food and a gym full of bean bags, with tunnels underneath, any...