1. N

    Hi, Girl new to the site . is it possible to find a Mommy?

    I been curious about my AB side of me for many years and i never had the courage to explore myself.. mostly because i find it so very hard to find a serious Mommy. So how do people do it.? is it even possible to find one ?
  2. LittlePigCub

    Having to walk away from my best friend/Potential mommy due to toxicity

    i'm feeling quite sad today i've had to cut ties with my best friend/potential mommy who i've know and been close with for over 2 years due to their toxic behaviour and i'm so sad to have to let go of someone i loved like family but i know it was the right thing to do, the worst part was she...
  3. L

    Looking for mommy in denver

    Hi there! I’m new to abdl and looking for a mommy in the denver/Boulder area. Nothing full time just someone to play with! I’m in my mid twenties and am really excited to explore this whole new way of life! I looked on Instagram and it’s all scammers so Hoping I have better luck here
  4. sindysissybaby

    Is it worth having a life as a full time baby?

    Hello friends, how are you? A lot is said about making the most of baby time, wearing diapers 24/7, and many fantasize about the idea of being a baby again, but I ask you, if you had the chance to have a Mommy or Daddy that you support, in exchange for you having a full life as a baby, would you...
  5. T

    I have been looking after my boyfriend which was a adult baby and I want some tapes

    I have been looking after my boyfriend which was a adult baby and I want some tapes
  6. S

    Allstar Cheer Boy

    Hi cuties! Allstar cheerleader for life! I love to cook and do yoga. Enjoy singing and dancing. Also enjoy art and music. Avid reader. Would love to be a Disney Princess all dressed up :) Artsy and giddy peppy Goodnites size L at night for bedwetting protection and fun :). Always feel...
  7. A

    New here... Looking for a Mommy and Little friends

    hi my name is ally im a little age 3-5 im looking for a mommy and maybe some little friends to hang out with!
  8. MissMummyUK

    Miss Mummy

    I am [removed] ~KitsuneFox a proud and happy mum and a carer for some other littles who visit me. I am an educated person, with a background in wellbeing and emotional support. I live in Hampshire and love singing and telling stories.
  9. MaMaMoMo

    Hello from a New Mommy / Caregiver in Minnesota

    I’ve recently started dating an ABDL man that I care about and love so much. I had never heard of ABDL prior to meeting him. So for the last 3.5 months I’ve spent a great deal of time researching, reading forums, scouring YouTube, and reading every book I can find on the subject. (I’ve never had...
  10. N

    How can I be a good mommy/cg?

    Hello all. I am newish to the little/big world. My husband is a little and I'm the big. I want to be a good mommy for him but I'm so new to this. Can someone provide me some examples of talk/acts I can do to be a good mommy for him? He does enjoy being changed but I want to do more than that. He...
  11. J

    how to find a mommy

    sorry im not sure if this is a stupid question or not but im trying to find a mommy but i dont know where to start or even if i can find one at all in my area but if anyone could give me tips ide appreciate it :)
  12. L

    Lukey 💖🍼(new here)

    Hi mommies and daddies (and everyone in between), I’m Luke - but you can call me Lukey or Lucy. I’m a 20 year old male college student living in Los Angeles and this is my first time posting on an AB/DL forum. I’ve been into crossdressing and pampers for a while, and i’m hoping to meet some...
  13. R

    New mommy looking to learn

    My boyfriend of 5 years very recently confessed his ABDL tendencies to me. I was really confused and slightly weirded out at first. I think he saw that, and told me he didn’t expect me to accept or even tolerate this part of him. He said he’d been terrified to say anything and hadn’t meant to...
  14. M

    Hello! Mommy Ellie from San Diego here!

    Ellie here from San diego just wanted to say hi! Just got my West Coast jungle virtual ticket! Does anyone else plan on “going” or have you gone in the past?? hope everyone is having a great summer!
  15. Mommysboi

    Obeying diaper rules set by girlfriend/mommy

    I am extremely lucky that I have a mommy who is as involved in my abdl lifestyle as mine is but I can never seem to stay diapered for more than a a day or two without taking them off and breaking my mommys #1 rule... she diapers and changes and checks me and all I have to do is refrain from...
  16. Mommy changes my diaper

    Mommy changes my diaper

    Mommy changing my diaper
  17. Mommysboi

    Mommy takes pics of her diaperboy

    My mommy and I have recently made a patreon account and are making tons of new content. Mommy loves taking pictures of me in my diaper and we both have so much fun making new videos together. I'll be posting our patreon name within a day or two. Thanks
  18. Mommysboi

    My mommy needs advice or suggestions

    Hello everyone! I would really love to get some help. Unfortunately for reasons unknown my mommy and I are going through some sort of a rough patch lately... we are in are late 20s and recently married. I came out to her last year and we have been trying to make it work ever since with very...
  19. Austen00

    The rules made by mommy and me

    So when we do little role play me and my girlfriend have rules we set based on our little age so let’s start youngest and go to oldest Newborn to 6 months No talking only crying I am only to drink milk from my bottle I will do everything I need to do in my diaper no exceptions Mommy will do...
  20. B

    Mommy -New to this

    Hello, I'm a recent widow. Well recent to me anyway. Much to my friends and family's unapproval, I mourned my husband for a year. I took a trip with an old friend to formally end my mourinng and start socializing again. It's easier said that done. I still have really bad days. My late husband...