mommy and daddy

  1. Wulfee

    Marissa's Story

    Hey everyone I've never written a story of this magnitude before so if you guys like it then I will keep posting updates as it is created it is all my original content. If there are any type O's please let me know but besides that. Enjoy the story. I plan on writing much much more. It was the...
  2. T

    Finished Amanda Lana (from The AB Hospital) Promo

    Hi! I'm Amanda Lana. And I'm a client of the AB hospital created by Doctor Elizabeth Hipstress and her sister, Doodle. Oh? You ask who these people are? Well, let me tell you how i met them. I was just traveling one day on my way to a AB/DL con, mostly cause I like role playing with friends from...
  3. L

    Little Chris - Coming to Understanding

    My name is Chris. I do not consider myself any of the standard labels (Adult Baby, Little, Diaper Lover). I am a 22 year old boy. Perhaps a 22 year old mommies boy who never had proper adult figures. Oddly I do not remember most of my childhood before the age of 13. Pretty much blocked out other...
  4. L

    New Sissy AB

    Hi everyone, I would just like to introduce myself - I am Lottie (Charlotte) and very new and inexperienced Sissy AB, just starting out on what I hope will be a wonderful adventure. I would love to chat with all you lovely Sissies, AB's, and DL's to hear about your experiences and learn from...
  5. macabre

    Question: Parent or Parents?

    So, my friend and I are in a debate about ABDLs and whether or not the idea of having parents (plural) would be welcomed. I know it depends on the person, really, and that every relationship is different. But here’s the question: If you had the option of having a Mommy and a Daddy, or two...