1. T

    Just in case moments

    Hey everyone! Thought it would be interesting to hear some of your most noteworthy moments when you decided to put on a diap "just in case" and ended up being very glad that you did. Simple question but I think it would be awesome to know what comes to mind for people out there. Cheers!
  2. LushieCat

    The Awkward Moment When...

    I think this is an interesting idea. Post one of your awkward, embarassing or funny stories, and add at least a few sentences describe the situation. Doesn't have to be ABDL related, just personal, and hopefully true. ;) The Awkward Moment when your pants fall down in front of your peers while...
  3. Sage182

    Best Diaper Memory/Reason you might be AB/TB now!

    I was siffting through my long list childhood memories and was trying to decide which one was more influencing to my lifestyle. I happened to decide on this one. A long time ago, about 10 years ago, There was a bug going around my family, being 8, I was blissfully unaware I would get it, and...