1. W

    My mom and her diapers (REAL)

    My mother wore diapers, practically her entire life. I remember when I was little, she used to walk around the house with her diaper on just for pleasure, not for any particular inconvenience. My dad never had a problem. He always changed her diapers. The trouble started when she broke up with...
  2. D

    Missing my mom.

    This may be the wrong place for this post. Moderators; please feel free to move this post of you feel you must. But here goes. October 20, 2020 was a day my life took another turn. My real mother who accepted my ABDL tendencies had been in the hospital for 3 days and took a turn for the...
  3. L

    Mom found a diaper!

    So, Today I was going to a friend's to help him decorate and last night I got out two diapers (one for during the night and one for the morning). Well, This morning, I overslept and didn't have time to put the other one on. Anyway, My mom has just called me and she asked me why there was a...
  4. D

    [HELP]Mom found goodnites

    Hi I am new here and want someone else's opinion. I am a boy living in Canada. I bought a pack of goodnites on Amazon and had them shipped to a local Post office. I forgot about them until I got a email saying they were ready to be picked up. Then I thought about picking them up but was too...
  5. D


    I don't know about you guys but I tend to switch from baby to mommy often. Like, there's a male friend I talk to and sometimes I'm in the mood to baby him (even though he's not ABDL) and sometimes I want him to baby me. Do you guys go through something similar too?
  6. californiaabdl

    My mom found my diapers!!

    So just today I'm pretty sure my mom discovered my diapers hidden in my room. She hasn't confronted me yet.. thank god!! But what am I supposed to say when she comes to talk to me or shows me one of my diapers and waits for a response?? Please comment excuses or ways to help the situation...
  7. E

    My Mom Is Awesome

    I came out as a little to my mom successfully a month or so ago. She's been extremely accepting of it. She said that she was gonna give me the space to be myself in my room upstairs. Little did I know that she'd be accepting to the point where something interesting happened. A few days after I...
  8. MellowYellow

    Omg! My mom knows i wear diapers now!!!

    So i wrote my Mom a 3 paged note explaining that I'm a diaper lover, and she is totally on-board with it! She said your a grown man now, whatever makes you happy... She said I thought you were going to tell me you were bisexual, and I'm like no... (even though I am lol) So ya I can't...
  9. xtrabulk

    Mom wins my diaper fetish

    So 1.5 weeks ago, I had a bit of a pill related relapse. I talked to Mom about it, and she said she wished she were here to hug me. Anyway... If you've read my previous posts, you may remember that when I was 19, my mom asked me about little pieces of blu plastic laying around the house. And...
  10. xtrabulk

    Mom found my onsie.

    So anyway, here's the deal. My Mom and Dad are in town for a week, and Mom always helps out around the house when she's here. My wife did some laundry, including some cloth wipes my wife sewed for me while folding our clothes. She asked what they were, and my wife said, "they're butt wipes...
  11. SteLittle

    Ground Rules With Momma

    Hi I'm new to the site and kinda new to the ab scene. So looking for some advice . My wife has been playing my mom for a little bit but we want to set down rules so we can make this more fun and fulfilling for both of us. Th first couple of rules we came up with was that we would use a word or...
  12. xtrabulk

    Everyone knows, and that's a good thing

    Hi All, So. The wife is gone for a while, and so my Mom came. I was low on supply, so I reupped with a couple cases. They came, and she didn't even ask what was in them (she's pretty nosy). When I was young, she actually asked what the blue plastic bits were that were all over the house. I...
  13. LilBiker

    coming out to my Mother

  14. H

    Mostly found out :( (LONG)

    Okay so I'm at home while not at college and after starting wearing diapers at school I managed to get some because I love them. Well about 2 weeks ago my mom pulled me aside and said that whatever was under my bed I needed to throw away if I didn't want them seen. By this time I really thought...
  15. H

    Personal advice on using diapers regularly

    So at college I buy diapers and wear them a lot but I hardly ever use them for fear of getting dependent on them. When I'm not away at college I live with my parents at home and only this summer have I had the courage to buy diapers and keep them in the house and wear them at night from time to...
  16. T

    Glad to be back in good ole cloth diapers

    My grandmother, with my mother's approval, kept me in cloth diapers from age 11 to even after 18. I was sent to her small farm after my grandfather was killed. My grandma used to babysit all five of us and had always diapered us for naps. One of my younger brothers and I loved it and even...