1. J

    Molicare super plus in stock

    Incontinance shop (UK) seem to have a limited supply of the old Molicare Super Plus (Purple PE backed) sadly only in size small i ordered a few packs to see if they are or if its a mistake and will update once they arive today
  2. Isle

    Molicare sizing

    So I'm trying to figure out if Molicare medium will fit. I use the small which has a top size of 34" which is my size. I would like a little more wing and absorbancy; also the small can leak if I am not aimed properly, being that a man can go any which way. The chart shows medium starts at...
  3. C

    Is this the Baby / Adult Diaper Hybrid we are looking for???

    Hi Everyone, First post and big question: Most elastic diapers don't come in small sizes, so is the molicare premium elastic small size the perfect hybrid for those that want that small size with a bigger stretch? Hopefully someone has details? Here is a product link from diaper-minister...
  4. D


    So I have a couple questions about molicare since I have not tried them in about 4 years. I've noticed no one has the purple super plus are those discontinued. I was looking to try their most absorbent plastic back does anyone know what they are called. How are their cloth backed? Thanks in...
  5. ArchtopK

    Turns out $1.60 is a good number

    So, my current line up consists of BetterDry as my morning and late evening diaper. Northshore Supreme is my in and out daytime diaper and Molicare super plus is my sleeping diaper. These all turn out to be about $1.60 ea. Have soft quiet plastic, 4 second chance white on blue style tapes. As I...
  6. F

    Diapers in Brussels

    Hello, I have just recently moved to Brussels. I am looking for a place to buy diapers ( that tape shut not pull ups ) wether it be Tena Slips or Molicare I do not care. I just want something that I can wear around the house in comfort and relax. I have tried to pharmacies in the Flagey area and...
  7. X

    Where to get Molicare plastic backed?

    Hey all :) Just wondering where I can get a case of Molicare Super Plus, The plastic backed purple version. Preferable in Australia as I do not want to pay extreme shipping costs. I cannot seem to find these particular ones anymore as most retailers stock the cloth backed ones and I don't...
  8. Dustysniper29


    Had a look on Amazon and figured I can get discreet shipping to my dorm, are they any good? Never tried them before just looking for some advice. Thanks :smile1:
  9. H

    Snuggies or Molicare (or space)?

    So I've got some money left at the end of the month, which is nice. 20 snuggies waddlers, 14 molicare super plus or 10 abu space diapers... What would you get and why?
  10. Cthulhu

    Help me through my first ever diaper experience

    My dad is going away for a week so i'll have the house to myself, which basically never happens. I just found a site where i can order diapers discretely and with fast shipping, so i plan on ordering some for when i'm home alone:) This would be my first time wearing a diaper since i was about...
  11. mewte

    First time

    A few weeks ago, I finally decided that i'd quit beating around the bush and buy myself some diapers to try online! Its very hard for me to buy little things given my situation, so something like this was very stressful to think about it no matter how much I wanted to. But after some...
  12. DLGoplayer

    Has anyone tried the new molicare super plus.

    I'm almost out of my case of them, and since the new changes I haven't bought any. Have had bad experiences with cloth backed in the past. Does anyone have a review to share?
  13. D

    Moliflex (US?)

    I recently stumbled upon the Moliflex diapers by Molicare and I'm wondering what people think of them and how specifically they are classified? Are they considered to be belted diapers or is there a name for diapers that first loop around the waist and then attach at the front? In addition...
  14. kashi

    Anyone know a good diaper?

    I'm looking for a diaper with the wicking of a molicare and the plastic backing of a abu cushie or bambino product. Anyone got any good suggestions?
  15. D

    Pull-ups are too big! Solutions?

    Long story short, I didn't read the packaging when I bought some Molicare Mobile pull-ups. They're just a little bit too large - My waist is 77cm, Molicare Super Plus (medium) diapers are 70-120cm and fit so darn well :3 ...but the Molicare Mobile pull-ups are 80-120cm. They feel a little too...
  16. T

    Medical Supply Stores?

    I've never been into a medical supply store, and i know of one that's pretty close that carries Molicares/Attends/Abenas, that i plan on going to tomorrow. my question is, has anyone ever bought diapers from a medical supply store? what is the process? Can i just walk in, pick up the diapers off...
  17. M

    Effect of booster on odor

    Hey all, I just managed to take a 6 hour flight in an abena m4 and made it ok, but was pretty darn damp near the end. I thought I was going to leak. I have to make the reverse trip back tomorrow as I'm just here on overnight business. All I have left now is a molicare super plus that I'm...
  18. xtrabulk

    Help With Dry 24/7 Leaks

    This shouldn't be happening. I'm 6'1" weigh 197 with a 34 waist. I love DC 24/7, but lately they've been leaking out the leg gathers. After 1.5 wettings! I recently lost 20 lbs...could I possibly need a small/medium? I've diapered sitting and standing, and combos. Any tips? Right now, Molicares...
  19. xtrabulk

    Anyone had bruising from diapers?

    So, yesterday I noticed bruising on my inner thighs. Thought it may be diaper related, so I diapered up the same way last night. At first, I was confused, because the bruises were nowhere near any point of contact with the diaper. Then I wet twice, and my padding--a Dry 24/7 stuffed with a...
  20. kratox

    Good diaper deal but.....

    Well I have found a great deal on small molicare super plus. It is 56 diapers for $47 dollars. The issue now though is that I still live with my parents and have no clue where I could actually put 56 diapers. I was thinking about buying a chest with a lock on it but that might be a little weird...