molicare super plus

  1. J

    Molicare super plus in stock

    Incontinance shop (UK) seem to have a limited supply of the old Molicare Super Plus (Purple PE backed) sadly only in size small i ordered a few packs to see if they are or if its a mistake and will update once they arive today
  2. ArchtopK

    XPMEDICAL No More Molicare Super Plus Listing.

    A few weeks ago, XP said a replacement was coming. The new version is called Molicare Slip Briefs, Maxi. Northshore has them. But now XP only shows Molicare Comfort Super Brief. And while the...
  3. X

    Where to get Molicare plastic backed?

    Hey all :) Just wondering where I can get a case of Molicare Super Plus, The plastic backed purple version. Preferable in Australia as I do not want to pay extreme shipping costs. I cannot seem to find these particular ones anymore as most retailers stock the cloth backed ones and I don't...
  4. Christophuur

    I Need Help! Finding New Diapers!

    As of late, I've been diaper shopping at the ABDLFactory site. While there is a fantastic selection, I am having trouble coming to a final decision. At the moment my metaphorical shopping cart includes ABU Space Diapers Tena Slip Maxi (if they're still any good) Forma care slip x-plus Molicare...
  5. KarmaBaby

    Molicare super plus

    Are the purple molicare super pluses really discontinued? I finally got the nerve to try some actual adult diapers instead of using pampers and goodnights with diaper covers. I just finished a bag of small molicares and small abenda S4. The molicares fit perfectly and were great!! I found the...
  6. M

    Introduction and story

    Hello all, my name is Michael (lastname omitted, and Michael is a very common name) and I am from Washington (state), USA. I'm 26 and have been secretly into diapers for as long as I can remember. I don't know what it is or how to explain it, and it's not always a sexual thing. I am not what...
  7. B

    Diaper Disposal system/can?

    I'm working in a Café, we've got these Sangenic litter bins for diaper disposal... so... I was wondering if anyone has tried out Tommee Tippee's Sangenic Hygiene Plus or any products that works the same way? Is this suitable for disposing of adult diapers? Are there any other products that is...