1. Justo

    Best free samples

    Hi, I am Justin, for some reason, a few year ago I started to want to wear nappies (yes I am a DL). Not sure when, why or how to go about it. I imagined I'd like the feel of them, and maybe wet them. I couldn't afford and didn't want to hide whole packs and in Adelaide, no where apart from...
  2. Spiro910

    Show us your mobile's theme!

    Hey there, being inspired by an iphone theme I just put together from a bunch of different themes and by Paul Fox's thread :P, I've decided to create a mobile theme thread :D Here's my iphone theme =] Compilation of themes: Malice by iKon, MonoChromeHTC by Monty, & Principium from...
  3. monkster

    ADISC Mobile

    I was wondering if there is a possibility that a mobile version of adisc could be made? I think it would help members who happen to have a data plan and can't get on at home much. I believe that there is a vbulliten module that accomplishes this fairily easily. (This is vb, right? Lol)...