1. Shingo

    Soo.. Final Fantasy XIV

    Anyone in this forum that plays on Japanese Data Center? FT or not
  2. MindyKay

    Looking for other people to play video games wif <3

    Hewwo everyone! ♥ I'm Little Mindy, and I am a really shy baby girl. I have a RL mommy and daddy that love me very much. I love playing video games with other people, and am looking for somepeoples to play wif! I currently play WoW as my main game, I play healers ♥ But I'm willing to play any...
  3. A

    Abdl mmorpg guild

    Hi everyone, I have made a similar post on the /r/ABDL reddit but thought I'd ask here as well (to cast a wider net and such): 1. are there still any ABDL MMO guilds and 2. would anyone be interested in one. Personally, I recently left my WoW guild and would really like joining an ABDL one (not...
  4. BayB8

    Lord of the Rings Online

    Hey Guys, I'm thinking about getting back into playing LOTRO and was wondering if anyone here played. Did or still do.. I did back when Riders of Rohan came out. But stopped shortly after and now want to poke my head back in to see the changes and play some more.
  5. Arenskunk

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

    Who here plays FF14:ARR. I want some fellow DLs and ABs to play with. Anyway here is my info on there. Server: Brynhildr Name: Sarn Darkholm Race: Roegadyn Current Class/Job: 34 Lancer/Dragoon Look me up. If we can get enough of us on there I will make a Linkshell.
  6. C

    World of Warcraft

    Got many characters across many realms, some of which are Kil'jaeden, Emerald Dream, Tichondrius, Muradin and Stormreaver. I have an 85 Warrior on Kil'Jaeden alliance named Kalduraun, and an 84 Paladin on Emerald Dream alliance name Cruven. I love starting new characters so if anyone wants to...
  7. sparkywuff


    anyone play that game ^_^ cause i do :D :D
  8. BabySparky


    Home | Aion™ Fantasy MMORPG I'm pretty interested to try this game out and was wondering if anyone here has preordered it or played in the closed beta. The open beta starts September 6th and I believe the release date is set for the 22nd. I'm really looking forward to see what it's all about...