1. MindyKay

    Looking for other people to play video games wif <3

    Hewwo everyone! ♥ I'm Little Mindy, and I am a really shy baby girl. I have a RL mommy and daddy that love me very much. I love playing video games with other people, and am looking for somepeoples to play wif! I currently play WoW as my main game, I play healers ♥ But I'm willing to play any...
  2. UndeadGirl

    MMOs Anyone?

    Anyone playing Rift, SWTOR, Elder Scrolls Online, or FFXIV? I'm really tired of playing alone. :(
  3. C

    World of Warcraft

    Got many characters across many realms, some of which are Kil'jaeden, Emerald Dream, Tichondrius, Muradin and Stormreaver. I have an 85 Warrior on Kil'Jaeden alliance named Kalduraun, and an 84 Paladin on Emerald Dream alliance name Cruven. I love starting new characters so if anyone wants to...
  4. leffykit

    Global Agenda

    was looking around and it seems not many people I know are on there; Global agenda is a F2P (free to play) MMO. I cant really compare it with WoW cos I've never played it, but it focuses on team based missions and is set in a post apocalyptic world where there are few humans remaining. more...
  5. Toddy


    Anyone gunna play the new Star wars MMO (star wars the old republic) the game doesn't come out til spring 2011 but I am really excited about it.
  6. A

    WoW - EU (Daggerspine)

    Yo I've just started a lvl 1 druid on Daggerspine, in the EU realm.. If any of you have a char, or are gonna start add me :biggrin:... name - aeriex Cooolll... If anyone else is playing private servers, or in any EU realms, just post it up here plzz!! :hug: * night elf druid...
  7. Jakethefox

    Anyone here play runescape?

    Heyas, I was wondering who else played runey here, please provide your acc name so I can add you ^.^ User Name : Baby Fur X3 <yes, the X3 is a part of the name>
  8. LostPup


    i was wounderign if anyone play's it and would like to add me ruff214