1. L

    Andy's introduction! yey!

    I am Andy. I am a introvert and partially a extrovert. I like to go for walks and take pictures of things that appear most interesting to me; such as gardens, plants, old cars, or animals. I like to go to coffee shops and start conversations about inspiration, creativity, nature, social aspects...
  2. Ian16545

    More time alone = more diapers for me!

    Well, it's that time again—my parents left me in charge of the house to go another river cruise, this time to the Riviera between France and Italy. And you know that means: I get to wear diapers again! This time, I ordered three 2-packs of DC Idyl off of Amazon (which came this morning). And...
  3. Angellothefox

    Finished Fluttershy Flutter scared

    Fluttershy Flutter scare Um.. Hi I am a not really good at telling stories please do not be mad! Squeak So um a… I best start at the beginning my name is fl….. my name is f….. fluttershy And this is my story. I woke up and it was a buitiful morning the best in Ponyville so far. Everything...
  4. santa22

    MLP cloth diapers?

    was searching mlp diapers and this came up.
  5. Sitherus

    i found the perfect diaper for me

    I was looking at diapers on ebay and found a dependeco diaper i fell in love with. Its Pink ans super cute. Its mlp and i dont watch that show or know what its about other than like a power puff girls with horses. I went on their site and found it...
  6. MatalicPebble

    Ready for Season 5

    I am not sure if there was an update on My little pony season 5 yet but I am so ready to get to be able to see it. The sooner its out the sooner it can get on Itunes.
  7. B

    MLPFIM: A soft night --EDITED!!!

    First uploaded on fimfiction as JAMES E PERKINS-Rejected:thumbdown: Uploaded to as Adagio Quietfoal-Accepted:hugs: Edited by request by Quantum Flash:cuddle: The sun was just starting to set on Canterlot as the evening came to a soft beginning, shading the sidewalk and the grass...
  8. askmelater47

    My Little Pony...Favorites? ...and some extra fun?

    Hey, recently i started watching MLP: FIM and i absolutely love the show. Rainbow Dash is my favorite and Applejack is a close second. But i do like all the ponies. I had this idea earlier, you know how each pony has a different persona, its more than likely your favorite pony has a persona...
  9. askmelater47

    Wish Lists!!! I dont really know what i want for xmas, do you?

    Christmas list anyone, or any ideas? My BF asked me the other day to help him out and i ask with what and he say what do you want for xmas, i said ill have to make a list and get back to him on it in a couple days. so a couple days have past and all I have is a list of My Little...
  10. askmelater47

    Happy Thanksgiving

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY! eat some fuckin turkey, and enjoy. Remember turkey is supposed to make you sleep easier. Havent been very active lately, neither in the community nor wearing diapers, but none the less i havent forgotten you. Pretty off topic but, i discovered this week that i...
  11. A

    Hello/ new diaper idea

    Hello everypony and everyone. Just call me bixus. it's nice to emet you all. but i have a quick question for you guys. would any of you like to see diapers made with my little pony on them that aren't just for babies? and not just adults? but making diapers that us teens can fit into without...
  12. SicartheaSpikefan

    Sicarthea the Spike fans Introduction

    Hello ADISC my name is Sicarthea the Spike fan (SicartheaSpikefan.) I am a student ABDL living with my parents. One of my main interests is MLP..... (I assume that its welcome here, as I noticed one of the most watched threads was MLP related. If not then i will change my name and avoid MLP...