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  1. B

    Looking for MLP (FiM) themed AB clothes...

    Hi everyone! Can someone there help me find MLP(FiM) themed AB stuff? I was looking for it a long time, but find only wery few items. Maybe someone there can help me by links/other info? And excuse me my english:sweatdrop:
  2. askmelater47

    My Little Pony...Favorites? ...and some extra fun?

    Hey, recently i started watching MLP: FIM and i absolutely love the show. Rainbow Dash is my favorite and Applejack is a close second. But i do like all the ponies. I had this idea earlier, you know how each pony has a different persona, its more than likely your favorite pony has a persona...
  3. askmelater47

    Wish Lists!!! I dont really know what i want for xmas, do you?

    Christmas list anyone, or any ideas? My BF asked me the other day to help him out and i ask with what and he say what do you want for xmas, i said ill have to make a list and get back to him on it in a couple days. so a couple days have past and all I have is a list of My Little...
  4. askmelater47

    Happy Thanksgiving

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY! eat some fuckin turkey, and enjoy. Remember turkey is supposed to make you sleep easier. Havent been very active lately, neither in the community nor wearing diapers, but none the less i havent forgotten you. Pretty off topic but, i discovered this week that i...