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    i ordered some fleece cuddlz mittens on the 13 of August and they still have not came yet does anyone else have/had a similar experience if so when did you order a item and when did you get it?
  2. OriginalT

    Whats with plastic pants and mittens?

    Personally I don't under stand the appeal of mittens or plastic pants. (mittens aren't even good for actual babies) maybe its because I didnt' grow up with any of the above. Could someone explain the appeal of these things in their own words? How were you introduced to these?
  3. P

    My Tom & Jerry Inspired Baby Halloween Costume Review? :)
  4. Mittens

    Bleh: An introduction to Mittens by Mittens

    Meow, I am an 18 year old TB with a slight growing interest in furry fandom. :3 I actually stumbled upon this site while looking up diaper tapes to print out, hehehe. I would absolutely love to make new friends! I don't think I've ever had an abdl friend point blank XD I actually just got...
  5. B

    Safe & Secure(d)

    I have always enjoyed the shorts scene & due to build wearing younger styled shorts, & regressed to timid teen boy status. There has also been a yearning to wear nappies/diapers under them for added excitement. Cut story short, made contact with someone who suggested I try Sissy treatment as she...