1. J

    Missing Plushy

    Just got back home from grandma's for thanksgiving, and when I went to my room, everything was moved. My dresser was empty of all my clothes which were now in cardboard boxes on shelves that used to have stuff but didn't anymore, my dresser was moved in the middle of the walkway, tv in my...
  2. MorbidAngel

    I lost my Little Girl.

    She used to be so sweet, and it made my day to hear her call me daddy. I used to hold her when she slept, and feed her, and take care of her when she got sick. I just want my little girl back...
  3. Dude84

    So be honest, have you ever been stupid enough to do this?

    Basically, I was just thinking that in 16 years of using computers of various types (yes, right from when I was 7 :-P) i've never been stupid enough to delete some files then realise "oh shit", and had to spend hours recovering them using heurestic tools... I mean, i've lost data, through...