minecraft server

  1. lilkayden

    Join my minecraft server :)

    So as I have promised for a couple of months now on the adisc minecraft group page, I'm bringing minecraft back to Adisc! Repost from the group page as I know not everyone knows about the group. "As we ring in the new year I felt tonight was the night to open its doors and let Adisc in :)...
  2. Mukksa


    I've been playing minecraft for a couple of weeks now and I'm wondering if there is an ADISC minecraft server. It seems like it would be really fun playing with other dls and whatnot :) Is there an ADISC server?
  3. Rocky

    Suggestion ADISCMinecraft Server Page easier to get to

    So, I know that the ADISC minecraft server JUST started, and I like the official page for it, but I have trouble finding it without going to the thread announcing the server's start. Would it be possible to put a link to it under "Community" on the top menu? Also I think if it is going to...