1. KittyninjaW

    Well, Last night was weard....

    Hello everyone, Gambit came back from the army yesterday and shockingly had an honorable discharge because he saw some guy commit suicide and had a panic attack. Anyway, Last night with my Bro was shockingly decent, like really good, and it appears that he has matured a little. Of course it is...
  2. LittleMaxx

    Got a little joke

    While going through social media and found a funny Meme that only a few could appreciate so I though I would share.
  3. Akiran59

    Hi, im new.

    Hi! My names Ash, im 20 years old and a DL. Just looking to make friends, its a bit hard to find people with my interests with my job. I'm in the military. Ive been wearing for as long as i can remember, on and off. But Ive decided to embrace who i am. Ill be moving to Kansas in a few months, so...
  4. Tanner

    Umm hi.. I'm Tanner :)

    Hello, my name is Brandon, or Tanner as some know me, even more if you're in the furry community. I grew up thinking I was the only weirdo out there that liked diapers, glad I was wrong. :) I turn 21 in a month, active duty military, just back from Afghanistan, have a slight bit of PTSD. I'm...
  5. L

    Greetings from the new kid

    Hello everyone! My name is Osee, a five year old diapered dalmatian pup. That's the regressed side. For the everyday, real world I'm a late 20s, laid back type guy currently seeking my Masters in Human Resource Management. I've also had success in and outside the military career wise. Being a...
  6. Tripped

    A Walk on the Wildside - rewrite

    Authors note: This story is a rewrite of one of my older stories "a walk on the wildside." Even if you haven't read...or don't remember that one, it isn't necessary for this version as I plan to do a lot of changes to story and character arcs. It's still going to have fur and diapers and a...
  7. B

    Diapered military?

    I myself am a former Marine and life long diaper liver who used to sneak diapers when I could on liberty. Now, many years later I am bladder incontinent and wear 24/7. I was wondering if there are any other former military on here who wear?
  8. JohnTB

    Question about airforce and diapers?

    Im going into the airforce and want to wear diapers. After basic bootcwmp where will i live? Will people live near/with me? Will i be able to get supplies in and out of where i live with out being cought? Does the military moniter your purchases snd mail? Thanks SOOOO much for the help