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    "Hello" from Chicago

    Greetings, everyone! I could write you a long introduction that tells the story of when I first wore, and that I hid them for years and was petrified some snoop would out me. That I've wasted too much money buying and throwing away and feeling ashamed. But we all know this, and I'd rather tell...
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    New baby girl!(: me(:

    Hi guys I'm new! 18 and living and in the us! Mid west area(: I would like to meet new friends!! I would also like to say I'm a diaper lover. They are my security blanket if you will! I wouldn't mind a nice bottle and paci but that's only sometimes when I feel really little. I need advice on how...
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    Hello from the Midwest!

    Hello All, I'm an ab/dl from the Midwest. I'm a sports nut, and very good athlete. I'm a closet ab/dl haven't told a soul. I'm pretty outgoing in my everyday life, but shy in this community. Never have posted anything to any abdl site until today, though I frequent many.