1. Llayden

    World of Tanks 360 Edition

    Does anyone here enjoy playing World of Tanks? I have wanted to play it for quite some time but could not because I use a Mac Laptop these days. I found for free on 360 and have been playing for a little bit now. I will say that there is a learning curve, but it is enjoyable. I would love...
  2. DA360

    What browser do you use?

    What browser do you use for your everyday browsing? I did use Google Chrome for day-to-day browsing and Firefox 3.0 for my work related sites but now with Firefox 4 coming out and me having lockup issues with Chrome, I am starting to go back to Firefox as a full-time browser. I also use an iPad...
  3. jiffypop

    Moving from Windows->OSX based computers at church

    If you want to skip all the back story you can just read the last paragraph First and foremost I've always been a Windows person this is largely because of my distaste with Apple's strongarm marketing tactics and draconian control of all aspects of hardware/software that go on their machines as...
  4. Varian

    Gave up on Microsoft(xbox), now what?

    :wallbash:So today the fourth mic I've had in the past three months broke wile I was talking to some friends. I never did anything to it, it just stopped working. After resetting my xbox, taking the mic out and putting it back in, and unplugging my controller it still wont work. Having no job, I...
  5. betagame

    Xbox 180

    I have heard of a new portable system by Microsoft, called the Xbox 180. Give me a link to the picture this one person got out of Microsoft that was in a gaming magazine [positive rep point for you]. Is this true? Is Microsoft keeping this a secret until the last minute? What are your...