1. tykeboy123

    Michigan get together??

    I would love to get more involved with the community it’s always been very hard for me to do that as I tend to hide my abdl from my peers and I have lived as a low key abdl before I even knew that term even existed (since forever) I feel almost like what I’d imagine a gay guy would feel who...
  2. R


    Hi! I'm new to the site although I don't use it often. I live in south eastern Michigan about 30 minutes from Ann Arbor. Always looking to meet up with someone!
  3. MichiganDL89

    Hello from Michigan

    I live in the Metro Detroit area, and I've been on this website for years, but I'm now going to be more active.
  4. D

    Hello from Michigan

    I'm Jim from West branch, Mi. I've been a DL 15 yrs now and I'm in my mid upper 20's. I've talked to some people online but have no DL/AB friends IRL. [removed]