1. OpheliaScarlett

    Talking about music \m/

    I'v recently seen some topic about music ^-^ and it gave me an idea =).It may be a little bit off topic for this website but hey whatever, here is a pretty list ( not long enough, I have a lot more to add xD ) of cool rock/metal/blues/soul/jazz/... bands and artists : (be aware of the reading...
  2. bvb123

    AB/DL Metalheads??

    Any AB/DL Metalheads around here on ADISC? Interested to know if there are any on here other than me :) If so what bands are you into the most? I'm personally into any form of metal/rock but recently have gotten into bands like Kuza, Attila, Cannibal Corpse, Slayer and Dragonforce :)