1. OpheliaScarlett

    Talking about music \m/

    I'v recently seen some topic about music ^-^ and it gave me an idea =).It may be a little bit off topic for this website but hey whatever, here is a pretty list ( not long enough, I have a lot more to add xD ) of cool rock/metal/blues/soul/jazz/... bands and artists : (be aware of the reading...
  2. bvb123

    AB/DL Metalheads??

    Any AB/DL Metalheads around here on ADISC? Interested to know if there are any on here other than me :) If so what bands are you into the most? I'm personally into any form of metal/rock but recently have gotten into bands like Kuza, Attila, Cannibal Corpse, Slayer and Dragonforce :)
  3. kik91

    A Lullaby For Others - An ABDL Novel

    I know, I know, I just posted a story and now I'm posting another. But this one was too awesome to leave behind! Tell me what you think, and enjoy! It's just the Prologue but I think it's interesting. Maybe it needs some work but hey, I'm not perfect! A Lullaby For Others By Alessandro...
  4. Sarevok

    Hello everyone! (My late introduction.)

    Hello, I am Sarevok. When I first joined this forum, I only wanted to have more access than a non-registered user had. Back then I was still very new to online communities that focused on ABDL, etc, and I wasn't comfortable participating. But last year I decided that I was ready to give it a...
  5. Olivia

    Happy Birthday to Dio.

    If you haven't noticed Ronnie James Dio one of the men who helped metal become what it is today, died 2 months ago of stomach cancer, at the age f 67. He would of been 68 today. So raise the horns for the man once more. Anyways whats your Favorite Album from Dio?(Sabbath years,Rainbow, Dio...