1. hankshrader

    Diaper changing

    Has anybody ever been changed out of a messy diaper by somebody? Or have you ever changed somebody's messy diaper? Love the idea of this!
  2. M4saremyfavourite

    [My] entire diaper experience in as much detail as possible.

    This is going to be my entire diaper experience in as much detail as I remember from my beginning to present day. This is also going to be a thread where others can write their own stories in as much detail as they wish. Also I should probably mark this as like a 14+ thread given some material...
  3. Austen00

    Makeshift diapers

    Ok so last week I remade my old makeshift diapers I made when I was 12 that were 7 swiffer pads in the front well today I’m trying messing them by putting 2 pads in the back I’m not big on messing my diapers either I just always wanted to try it with a makeshift one
  4. A

    first messy diaper story?

    i'm still trying to get used to using my diaper for messing bc that was the main reason why i got them but the first time was kinda an accident because i didn't realize i had to go or that i was going? i only figured it out when i sat down. idk of this post is against the rules or anything,, i...
  5. AsianCutie

    My boyfriend did convince me into diapers

    We have been together for almost 4 years now and right in the beginning of our relationship, my boyfriend did confess about his diaper fantasies. I can remember, I felt that was really odd because I did not know anything about adult baby world. I looked up on the Internet to understand what that...
  6. BabyDL44

    Has any DL messed their diaper because they were out of toilet paper?

    That was me today. I figured it was already wet from last night. Might as well finish it off properly. Anyone else?
  7. Curiousmess

    Greetings from Portland

    Hey all you awesome diaper loving individuals! I'm 24 M and a long time DL. I only get to wear diapers on occasion but have been using them again since I was young. I've had a lot of experience on my own and one experience with an ex girlfriend. I would love a chance to wear freely around...
  8. Pika123

    Is it the same or is it different? And another question

    A random question, but is it the same feeling pooping your pants compared with messing a diaper? I had problems with this at school on a regular basis (not making it to the loo) and can’t remember much about it. I did wear diapers until about year 3 and then stopped, but still messed till about...
  9. inconsurferdude

    Best THIN diaper for fecal incontinence

    Preferably something plastic-backed with leg guards. I've been having on-again off-again problems with IBS for nearly a year, and am already in diapers full time for bladder issues. Most of my bowel accidents are while asleep or in the morning right after waking up, so I wear very thick...
  10. J

    Messing diaper at night

    Hi everyone. I have a three questions Do you mess your diaper at night, if so is it voluntarily or involuntarily? Also since I have no control over my bowel, if I wake up in the middle of the night messy do I change before hopping back into bed? I realise this depends (pun intended) on how...
  11. Poofybutt

    Thank Goodness I Was Diapered

    I had some down time to diaper up, baby out and regress for the first time in a while and immediately after waking up I had a 'Thank Goodness I was Diapered' moment. So, I woke up abruptly this morning with a very upset stomach, don't know why, usually only spicy foods will twist my stomach in...
  12. ABAlex2

    Sissy's Lot

    It was like something out of a Stephen King novel. A strange, twisted version of Misery. Except Misery was already twisted. Did this count as more or less twisted? A horror novel against... whatever this was? "This is still pretty twisted," Alex thought as he stared around what now made up his...
  13. Angellothefox


    Here is my lettest pictures of Angellothefox Errm...What are you looking at Act like a adult This has something around it. This was based around a meeting I had. Purple text reprisents self doubt. Blue text reprisents what was said. This regards the meeting that was had about me meeting up...
  14. ABAlex2

    The Alteration (or: I Met Her Fore More then This)

    As Sam Gregory awoke one morning from a night of fitful dreams, he found he had been transformed in his bed into a giant baby. He lay on his back and looked up to see himself in a long pair of baby blue footed pajamas, with the soft bulge of a diaper around his waist. He tried to move his arms...
  15. ABAlex2

    Baby Training

    (Note: This one is a bit different then my others. Rather then have a regular narrative, I instead have a series of settings with the story hopefully coming through. This is because its supposed to be the character remembering what happened to him, and since memories tend to be more general and...
  16. M

    A night out drinking

    For the new year, I celebrated with more than my fair share of drinks. Unfortunately, this generally leads to many more wet (duh) and apparently messy accidents. I guess because the alcohol lowers feeling in my bowel? Or maybe it just makes my messes more loose? Or maybe it's because I don't...
  17. Angellothefox

    What do you do to protect your bed matres at night?

    I am asking loads of questions tonight. This one is a little personal. When you go to bed with a nappy on obviously :laugh: your not going to bed and then wetting a mattress. My question is what do you do to procect your bed matres at night? You will have a nappy on but supose you want to wet...
  18. ABAlex2


    Rosie stood nervously in front of a strange door in a strange hallway. There was nothing outwardly strange about them. It could have been any other apartment door in any other hallway, but the reason she was here was certainly strange. She had taken it up on a whim. A single offer, coming to...
  19. N

    Is it weird to want to experience what messing in a diaper feels like?

    Hi everyone, I am not sure if this is in the right forum or not but I wanted to get other members opinions on a situation that happened to me today. Let me start from the beginning, A few days ago I was surfing the web for information on adult diapers for a relative who suffered a stroke and is...
  20. C

    Easy ups

    So the other day I bought some easy ups just to try them out because I wanted to see what the difference was between Huggies pull ups and pampers easy ups. I noticed that easy ups fit me a lot better than pull ups and it has the pampers baby scent which I love. It holds a significant amount of...