messy pants

  1. Pika123

    I pooped my pants in public today

    So today I wanted to try something. I was at the mall and needed to go number 2 and I thought, well I have got a diaper on, might as well use it. But then I thought of doing something else. I rushed to my car, grabbed my diaper bag and unload my shopping. I went back into the mall, went to the...
  2. J

    Are we born DL/AB? An African Experience

    In the early 80s I taught in a posh Boy's Junior School in London. I taught 9 year olds and in the class was a boy nicknamed 'Stinky'. Alan (not his real name) wore diapers to school as he had the habit of pooping his pants almost every day, on purpose. He always did it at morning break. He...
  3. C

    How did your love for diapers start?

    I remember to this day where my love for diapers started... I was 7 years old and I had a neighbor across the street he was 4 years old and was my friend...we hung out almost every day...then one day I went over his house it was kind of late for a 7 year old the sun just went down...we lived...