messy diapers

  1. subhubby1968

    Diapers, Hairy Bodies and Messing

    I am not sure if this has been asked so bear with me. I am a HAIRY guy, as in head to toe, although I am losing the the hair on my head. :-D Due the fact that my entire body is covered in hair, I have NO desire to try and mess in a diaper since I can't imagine how long that would take to...
  2. AsianCutie

    My boyfriend did convince me into diapers

    We have been together for almost 4 years now and right in the beginning of our relationship, my boyfriend did confess about his diaper fantasies. I can remember, I felt that was really odd because I did not know anything about adult baby world. I looked up on the Internet to understand what that...
  3. Pika123

    Rich in Diapers

    This is just a starter for a story I might continue. What do you think? ———————————————————————————————————————— Chapter 1 I woke to a cold and wet feeling around my crotch. I had wet before bed, I thought that they would have changed me in the night. They must’ve forgotten. The grand master...
  4. J

    Messing diaper at night

    Hi everyone. I have a three questions Do you mess your diaper at night, if so is it voluntarily or involuntarily? Also since I have no control over my bowel, if I wake up in the middle of the night messy do I change before hopping back into bed? I realise this depends (pun intended) on how...
  5. C

    My First ABU order

    I posted a thread a week or two ago about how I was down to only 1 diaper in my stash. I was looking on ABU for some diapers, I was trying to get some cushies but unfortunately they were out of stock. My next option was the Preschool plastic diapers but they were out of stock as well. Since the...
  6. J

    Are we born DL/AB? An African Experience

    In the early 80s I taught in a posh Boy's Junior School in London. I taught 9 year olds and in the class was a boy nicknamed 'Stinky'. Alan (not his real name) wore diapers to school as he had the habit of pooping his pants almost every day, on purpose. He always did it at morning break. He...
  7. MilesTheFox88

    Memorable Messes

    I guess this would be more aimed at those who don't get to wear too often, but it could be for the 24/7 people too. Any messy diapers that stuck in your mind? Was it what you were doing, how big it was, or who changed you?
  8. A

    this is my start

    hello. i have been wanting to make an account on this site for a while now and i finally did it. i enjoy wearing diapers and wearing diapers in public. i don't dress up like a baby and i don't regress into a baby either. i enjoy my life alot and there is a large part of my life that doesn't have...
  9. C

    How did your love for diapers start?

    I remember to this day where my love for diapers started... I was 7 years old and I had a neighbor across the street he was 4 years old and was my friend...we hung out almost every day...then one day I went over his house it was kind of late for a 7 year old the sun just went down...we lived...
  10. Babykk34

    Wet, Messy, or Both

    I was wondering if there was one which you prefer over another? Wet or messy? Or both? Personally I prefer being slighty wet (maybe twice) and then messing my diapers.
  11. D

    Daddy in Albany,NY

    Hi [removed] I use them for what they are 4 wet and or messy I also have to use them as Im incontinent (wet) [removed]
  12. S


    Hey, I'm Soccerfreak, and i just joined the site. I'm 15 years old, headed into my sophmore year of high school. So pumped that i'm one step closer to being an upperclassman. :D I've had an interest in diapers forever. For instance: back when i was in elementary school i dared my cousin to wear...