1. L

    How big was your biggest mess

    How big was it? Just interested:smile1:
  2. B

    Enjoying myself tonight with a full diaper

    Hi everyone! I'm enjoying two days of uninterrupted little time where I've relegated myself to no toilet use at all, diapers only for everything. This afternoon I put on a Bambino Bellissimo and after a couple good wettings, I started cramping up and decided to just let it go Well, I filled up...
  3. B

    First diaper mess

    So I took the plunge yesterday and messed my diaper for the first time. I've always wondered about it but was always too scared. Yesterday while diapered up in a bellissimo stuffed with a pampers size 6, I felt it coming and said screw it, I'll try to just let it out into my diaper. I had to...
  4. C

    Sleeping In a Messy Diaper

    I love messing my diaper before going to bed and sleeping in it X3 What about you guys? Tell me your stories ;)
  5. SimCo

    How do I Get a HUGE Mess?

    If you don't like messing threads, read no further. Like most members of this forum, I seldom mess my diaper due to the inconvenience of the immediate and thorough cleanup required after. However, nothing quite makes me feel like a little boy in need of diapers like making a big mess in my...
  6. joehiddenabdl

    Looking for work diapers

    Looking for a diaper to wear to work, but it has to fit a specific cirteria 1. It has to be purchasable in the uk,In stores not online needs to be pretty discreet so thin and not crinkly 3. Capacity is not a concern, I'll be wearing these while working with food so I'd only wet/mess on a...
  7. xtrabulk

    I'm Required to Mess! Doctor's Orders.

    So I have to have my poo analyzed in the next couple days, and the nurse gives me this collection strip to put over the stool to poo on. She says they often tip, dumping the poo into the stool. So, she says to reach back, holding the paper, and basically crap into my hand! I'm not really into...
  8. KatelynG

    Diaper Review Additions?

    This might more appropriately go in Administrative Stuff, but that forum seems fairly dead. I was wondering about some additions and improvements to the diaper review format since it hasn't changed in so long. First: baby diapers. Don't think this has come up before; correct me if I'm wrong...
  9. C

    First paci and bottle along with more diapers

    I went to cvs the other night and I decided to buy myself something I wasn't too sure If I wanted wipes so my diaper changes will be easier or a pacifier or a bottle...I found myself looking around the baby section for a good 5 minutes before I came to a decision I chose a NUK pacifier I think...
  10. N

    Hello friends (:

    Hey guys and girls (: I'm Nick, im an 18 year old adult baby/teen baby/diaper lover. I've not quite sure what to say! I've only been a member of this forum for a day and have read so many posts. So many of my questions have been answered and i also feel so much more comfortable now after...
  11. O

    Trial 24/7 Run

    So I'm going to attempt to go 24/7 diapered for like two weeks straight and I'm looking for your thoughts on how I should do it. I'll be doing full 24/7 so that means no toilet at all during that time. I'm basically doing this just to see what it is like, how I deal with it, if I'd want to go...
  12. Kyatto

    Eww dammit >.<

    I wondered why there was a cold patch on my bed, I thought i had leaked or something so I got up to check it out...I found that my diaper had burst and the gel stuff is EVERYWHERE. God, i can't do much about it now. I've just stripped my bed and stuffed the sheets under my bed for now...
  13. Sugarplum

    I didn't think it could happen...!

    Disregard this post please! Thank you!
  14. Snaps

    Public Toilets: do you use them?

    Personally i hate public toilets. The ones that i seem to come across look like the last person to urinate had a seizure while they were peeing. Like today, at school i really had to go the the bathroom so i went into one of the lesser used toilets hoping that t would be clean. It wasn't. I...
  15. leffykit

    back leakage

    pretty sure this is where it should be. I've been uhming and ahhing about posting this as it may be nothing but its got me a little concerned lately. Recently, like the last 3 months or so Ive been waking up to something I'd rather not, first of all I am gay so that does have its implications...
  16. leicesterfan

    A few questions about poop

    Hi guys. As some of you may know, I have just bought my first lot of adult nappies after only previously having pull-ups. One thing I was afraid to try in pull-ups was pooping in them so I have a few questions: 1) What is the best way to poop in a nappy? 2) If I used laxatives, would they be...