1. SimCo

    Mental illness and my abdl side

    For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with long periods of depression that started for no apparent reason and seemed I last forever. Also from as long as I can remember from my very earliest memories, I have harbored a secret and recurring desire to be diapered. Both of these facts are...
  2. CSFox

    Finished The Girl in My Closet (Chp. 1 - 16; Complete)

    ((Author's note: I started this one a few years ago, and I've finally taken the time to go back, re-tool it a little bit and give it a proper ending. Probably the very ending a few people expect, but oh well, hope you enjoy.)) The Girl in My Closet By CS Fox CHAPTER 1...
  3. iCrinkle2

    have you ever considered your self to be OCD or been clinically diagnosed with OCD

    So I was wondering, recently I've been clinically diagnosed with OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and have been diagnosed with moderate to sever ADHD for years and still am quite ADHD when not on medication. But I was wondering more as to how many of you think your are or have been diagnosed...