1. LimeBloodedNoir


    Do you guys feel good if you were in males business wear/business casual while diapered? I dont know if im trans or not, but I LOVE males business clothes! I have really been experimenting with my gender, and Im thinking about binding! THEN I thought about being diapered in a business atire...
  2. couchehomo

    Depends Sample Packaging

    Heya! I'm feeling a little apprehensive about this, so I was wondering if you have any insight to share. I'm thinking about ordering one of the Depends sample packs from their website, but I'm a tad disturbed about the packaging. They do say that it's discreet on the order page, but I don't...
  3. S


    I just got myFREE SAMPLE MEN's DIAPER today, the one the football players wore in the commercial! Very excited. I am a military, masculine guy who likes training other guys to wear diapers.
  4. cheekymonkeys88

    Tena for Men Level 4 Protective Underwear in the UK

    Okay guys, just wondering if anyone's tried the Tena for Men Level 4 that are available at Boots or CHemistDirect? I believe they've been available in Europe and maybe the US for a while but this is the first time I've seen them here. Check out the links: TENA Men Protective Underwear Level 4 -...
  5. R

    TENA Pants for Men

    has anyone tired the TENA Pants Men Level 4 please tell me what you think. this is my first trim trying pull ups or diapers and im looking for something very discreet. they feel real nice. but i think there a it baggy at the back end and they is where they could be notice able. is there anything...
  6. T


    This might have came up before in the past, but I'm not completely sure. I discovered a website called MANties - Panties made just for men that sells panties with specially crafted crotch regions to fit men. Although my common sense plainly states "diapers rule, panties drool" I've been...
  7. MsClara

    How to choose a friend to come out to / why do so many people choose a female?

    (I think this would be the right forum, because people have talked about coming out here...) Title basically explains the thread (seems to be better if you do that rather than expecting people to actually read the post :smile1: ) I have told my two closest friends about being ABDL. I picked...
  8. D

    This may be a new idea for heavy wetters (males).

    I had an illness with fever and was given a medication which gave me diarrhea at first. (This is not about the diarrhea, though.) Because of the diarrhea, I wore a Prevail brand light pull-up type diaper to bed as a precaution. Either the illness or the medication made me wet the bed big time...