1. S

    Late Registration

    Hi everybody! Sorry I have been too speedy on introducing myself, I'm a little shy and sometimes have trouble accepting these feeling:hug:. I'm Sarhar37, a simple life loving girl from Iowa. I like doing a lot of outdoor activities and sometimes enjoy mixing my baby side with them:biggrin: I...
  2. H

    Ello Mates! (I'm not British)

    Hi I'm new! There's this giant yellow box that keeps telling me to introduce myself, so I figured I may as well. I'm Henry, I've been creeping on these forums for a while so I finally made an account. I am a diaper lover, I currently only wear Depends (they are the only accessible brand) and my...
  3. darkknightinattends

    MAY THE WAY OF THE HERO LEAD TO THE TRIFORCE! Anyways... Hello! That is all!

    Hello! My name is Jordan! I'm from Vancouver BC,love playing my guitar, doing youtube videos, playing some zelda games among others, and wearing thick diapers as often as I can. I joined this site to share my stories read others experiences, and make some friends. [Removed] Anyways this is...
  4. C


    Hi there! I am a new member ofc =] I am 16 years old and have recently discovered my love for the idea of wearing diapers (...or Nappys as I am proudly British ^^) I remembered the thoughts I had of it as a child and realised I still quite liked the idea <3 ...I am finding it hard to open up...