1. huggiedandpampered

    Hello new friends!

    Hi, my friends call me Jake. I'm an ABDL and at times I also enjoy being a sissy, depending on my mood. My first memory of being attracted to diapers was when I was about 10. I was at my aunt's house with my cousin, and we were in the guest bedroom which had once been the children's bedroom...
  2. DLGoplayer

    Hello. It is a pleasure.

    (Quick note: these Japanese translations may not be 100% accurate, still on lesson 4 of rosetta stone.) Hello!/今日は! My name is Michael. It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance./僕はマイケルです。はじめまして! I am here as a diaper lover. 僕はオムツが好きです。[best I could equivalent I could come up with] My...
  3. FievelandTonyAB93

    For Music Listeners..

    If there are any popular music artists that you enjoy listening to, who would you like to meet? I can accept music artists from any genre and from any era as an answer. In my personal opinion, I think I want to see Don Henley, the famous lead singer of Eagle, and Philip Oakley of the Human...
  4. kikee

    Meet & Greet Social Events on the Calendar

    We've just concluded our annual TeddyCon in Allentown/Bethlehem Pennsylvania, and our annual "Camp Abdulia" in Portland Oregon, that were attended by hundreds of friendly ABDL/IC people. - Sorry we missed meeting You, but keep an eye on the Calendar for some more upcoming events in 2014 if You...
  5. W

    isle of wight united kingdom

    Hi every one :) I'm a diaper lover living on the isle of wight, feeling very isolated in my addiction and would love chat with other diaper lovers in portsmouth southampton and esspecially the isle of wight.
  6. D


    hi guys im a 17 year old male teen baby. [Removed] i enjoy music (playing piano) playing on xbox 360. cycling moterbiking driving eating breathing lol i have an account on "" i am also names dragonninja on there as well (2 "n"'s) i have a few stories on there if you would...
  7. M

    Hey im mike 14 ;)

    hey im mike, im from manchester, england and im 14. [Removed] im more curious then an actual dl or tb [Removed] and this is the perfect site for that :smile1: x