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  1. SimCo

    Advice on ABDL Dating

    I am just testing the waters with trying to meet other ABDLs like myself, and I need some advice. I am a 30 year old straight male and I am looking to meet an ABDL female to discuss our shared experiences. I am not looking for anything sexual right now, nor am I a creep desperately looking for a...
  2. kikee

    Meet & Greet Social Events on the Calendar

    We've just concluded our annual TeddyCon in Allentown/Bethlehem Pennsylvania, and our annual "Camp Abdulia" in Portland Oregon, that were attended by hundreds of friendly ABDL/IC people. - Sorry we missed meeting You, but keep an eye on the Calendar for some more upcoming events in 2014 if You...
  3. D

    Meeting in real life.

    I know that this type of thread has been made and all that but I can't find one so I am asking anyone out there, is there any site where AB's meet???? I've just always wanted to meet someone else...:sweatdrop:
  4. N

    Hey :D

    Hello everyone :) My name is Nolan. I'm about to enter my first year of college, which makes me both greatly excited and somewhat afraid. Mostly the former, fortunately; I'm eager to step into a new stage of my life. Of all the inevitable facts of life, that which is most present in my life now...
  5. D


    hi guys im a 17 year old male teen baby. [Removed] i enjoy music (playing piano) playing on xbox 360. cycling moterbiking driving eating breathing lol i have an account on "" i am also names dragonninja on there as well (2 "n"'s) i have a few stories on there if you would...