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    Fitright Briefs and other Medline products

    I've noticed that there are a lot of very reasonably priced items made by medline such as a lot of the Fitright briefs line and some others. If they are better in absorbency than the standard store generics, I think I'll consider switching over. How are they, and how do the different kinds...
  2. S

    Vintage adult diaper from medline?? anyone know a product called checkmate?

    l Checkmate by Medline. couldn't find any useful info of this item through google. all i know is: the copyright is 1997. Medline made it. i can only assume its a discontinued product. I found it listed on Ebay with very little info. medium is size 33" to 41" inch it has 12 in a pack...
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    Diaper coupons/samples/sales?

    I am continually trying out new diapers, and these days it seems there are more out there than anyone could possibly use in a normal amount of time. Being that I am planning on switching from the brand I've been using for the past 3+ years and afraid of getting burned by inferior products I was...