1. A

    Tena slip maxi medium or large?

    Hi there, finally plucked myself up enough to make an account and start posting and sharing! So I’m about to buy some Tena slip maxi active fit, but I’m not sure wheather to go for medium or large, it states that the mediums are 28-48 inches and the larges are 36-57. Now I’m around a 38 inch...
  2. Treastar41

    Medium Absourbancy ABU

    What is the absorbency of small and medium Abu simple and little Pawz?
  3. D

    Thought I sized correctly

    Hi I have been wearing a brand called Softi in South Africa. They are cheaper premium nappies I can get at Dischem. Different nappy brands are very limited in South Africa. We don't get abdl nappies like the rest of the world. And to import abdl nappies is way to expensive. I was wearing...
  4. Fenrierlilfolf

    tena slip, wrong size?

    Ok, so, I've tried the medium before, and it fitted me perfectly. I bought big size for a while, and today, I bought another pack of mediu size ones. on the package, it says from 28 to 44, but it wasn't true. I am a 36 waist, and they fitted barely D: I ccan help but wonder if something went...