1. G

    pooping a diaper for anxiety and stress relief

    Hello. I have two or 3 reasons because I mess my diaper. At first, because at mornings I can't hold it, I doesn't do it on purpose in this case. It is a hassle because I often poop two times at mornings, and wery often when I think I do not have to poop anymore, and after washing me and puttinng...
  2. R

    Hi! New wearer

    Hello! Decided to join now that I am actually wearing diapers (belted pads); I'm pretty sure a result of anxiety medication I started taking this summer. It was helpful to read about other wearers and thought I might post about my experience. Diapers have never been a singular fixation, I...
  3. S

    Sudden Bedwetting problem!

    I am a 20yo college student. I have been taking medication(gabapentin for my anxiety and possible ptsd) for almost 4 weeks now and the last 8 days I have woken up wet three times. I have an appointment with the doctor on Friday but I'm not sure if its due to the meds or just worsening...
  4. aussiebuoy

    Acne? Skin Care Taboo???

    Seems to me like most guys are either too afraid, or feel embarrassed to talk about the "A" word - Acne. Girls get together and talk about their skin care systems, for guys thats either considered gay or embarrassing. Theres nothing embarrassing about nice skin, so lets talk guys!!! Acne...
  5. P


    What kind of allergies does everyone have? I'm allergic to pollen (and is making my eyes itch like crazy right now)...And I was allergic to poison ivy...But a year or two ago I walked through some, and I didn't catch it...So I don't know what happened to that...Because when I got it...I got...