1. PetPuppyAlex

    Non-IC 24/7ers: Are We "Extreme"?

    As many here on ADISC know, I've been 24/7 for a long time. So have several of y'all. It's a dope little community we have here on ADISC and I love leveraging my experience and feelings regarding diapers and my AB/DL experience to help newcomers and those earlier in their journeys. Just like I...
  2. LimeBloodedNoir

    ABDL Themes in Hiveswap Spinoff game!

    As you can probably clearly see, I am a homestuck fan! In one of the games, present, is HEAVY abdl and OMOrashi themes! Homestuck is a webcomic about 4 kids and 12 aliens playing a game to destroy the world and remake it. There is a game spinoff that takes place before the comic called...
  3. tiny

    Smarty TV ad: money off unused nappies...?

    I thought this TV advertisement was quite amusing. It involves a kid trying to return a nappy to a shop because he doesn't need them any more. He implores the shopkeeper to smell them to confirm that they are unused! :laugh:
  4. Z

    Resource list

    ABDL Community Directory Table of Contents Educational Resources Media Spokespersons Events Forums Vloggers First Person Perspective Friends & Partners Foreign Language Podcasters Authors . Educational resources Understanding Infantilism ADISC Infantilism Commentary on the AB/DL Gender...
  5. S

    Have you seen this? Drop Your Pants for Depends "Underwareness Campaign"

    Depend Underwareness I didn't see a post on it already so I figured I should start the discussion. While it may not be completely related to ABDL life, I found Depends Underwareness campaign quite intriguing. From a marketing perspective, it's genius. From a DL perspective, I'm hoping it'll...
  6. C

    Emma Watson in a movie called "Regression"? :D

    Emma Watson & Ethan Hawke Find Alejandro Amenábar's 'Regression' | Apparently Emma Watson is taking the lead in some film called "Regression". Am I the only one who's heart jumped into my throat? :P I doubt it'll actually be ABDL related at all, but you never know...
  7. RileyKilo

    Vice interviews diapergirl Riley Kilo!

    Hey there friends! I was recently contacted by VICE about contributing to an advice column about AB/DL relationships. They liked my thoughts so much they turned it into a straight-up interview! I present to you VICE meets Riley Kilo <3 Chatting with Riley Kilo: the Diaper-Lovin NSFW!!!
  8. ShippoFox

    Disappearing media on Android OS.... help? please?

    Why do my new playlists, pictures, and music files randomly disappear?! The songs and pictures do randomly reappear eventually, but the playlists die forever! It basically renders playlist functionality useless! I'm on version 2.3.4. I have a T-Mobile HTC G2 phone. It's not rooted. Anyone have...