1. TheTapedCrusader

    5 weeks and counting left for Naruto manga! (Possible Spoilers!)

    Its been a long time coming. The manga started back in '99. 15 years later we are 5 chapters and a final movie from the end. Over the years, I have laughed, cried, screamed, and everthing in between. I was about 22 chapters behind and finally got caught up. Woooow. So much has happened lately...
  2. D

    Unknown Manga!!

    Ok, I would really really like to read this but I don't even know what it's called.:confused: I fanyone could give me a link or name or anything it would be greatly appreciated:laugh: Photo :: 01
  3. SlowBro

    Anime/Manga ban in Tokyo

    Yeah I searched the forum and couldn't find anything about this so I thought I'd tell the community. Anyway, in Japan they are giving publisher's until April 11, 2011 to regulate itself and tone down on sexual themes and content. And starting July 1, 2011 those breaking those rules will be...
  4. Icey

    What are your favorite Anime(t.v./movie) & Manga(book) series?

    As with the horror/scifi one I did, let the listing begin!!