1. Talula

    Go on, own up...

    So, ladies and gentlemen, THIS is a list of threads that are all tagged with 'manbearpig' on this forum! I have a fair idea who it is, since I remember someone owning up to it before... can anyone else guess who it is?
  2. G

    What's the weirdest fursona you've heard of?

    For me, It would be a polar bear-snake-bat hybrid. I never met the guy first hand, just a sighting from a buddy.
  3. ab1966

    This is not a fetish

    I have read numerous of forums were someone pleads for help on getting there spouse to understand there infantile needs. Most seem to end up in divorce because there spouse sees it as a fetish and wants nothing to do with it. Once someone sees something as a fetish. They don't want to know...
  4. Khaymen

    Choosing a Major

    I'm looking for advice on choosing my major. As many of you know I am studying for ministry and have tentatively chosen a major, though I am not sure I will end up staying with it or choosing a great deal of extra work for a different path. I chose Pastoral Care and Counseling The Pastoral...
  5. P

    Need advise about my girlfriend

    I was hoping to get everyone's advise about this... My girlfriend and I are pretty serious. There is a very good chance we will get married. If all goes well, I am going to propose in August. Which leads to the obvious question. Should I tell her about me being an AB? If not, when should I...
  6. D

    Hello again naturally

    Well I'm back, by popular demand its me Doodle. some of you know me by the nick of doodlewolfdude on aidsc's irc channel. i have been around this particular community since late 2004. I mainly came back because I feel as though I can help people again. I am always more than willing to answer or...