1. U

    Hello from a London lad

    Hi there After having been a reader of this forum for a few months now i decided to take the plunge and join. About me - I'm a sporty, active guy from London, UK and i wear a nappy 24/7. And why I'm here - I have ADHD and have always had bedwetting problems which ha resulted in me pretty...
  2. L

    New on here.

    Hello i am in to the ab-dl lifestyle. I am on here because i heard about it. And felt like i would check it out. I am an artist. And i enjoy Country and western music. So that is me. Pm me for more info. Thankyou.
  3. TheHayleeRaven


    I'm going to start writing now, you can take what you want from my story, I'll have it moved when I'm finished, please critisise (constructive). -- I awoke to find myself staring up at the sky, an unusually different one than normal, although I could not fond the difference, I looked around...
  4. Wazzle

    Male or Female! New Poll Version!

    So I was looking through this thread and it seemed like there are actually a lot of girls on ADISC. Curiosity is getting the best of me and I just had to start a Poll. So here ya go, a completely optional, informative, not creepy poll...
  5. starshine

    OMG Crazy Man.

    So my laptop kinda broke. It was only 4 months old, turned it on the one night (bout a week ago now, actually, exactly a week!) and there was a BIOS password. After researching we found out it was either a security bug with that model... or some dumb f*ck I know put the password on. So...